There are more to advantages to prefer Gilson Mattress

More Bounce
Gilson mattress is made of High Carbon heat tempered steel springs of 2.4 mm dia. wire, that are subjected to a special flexing test. This test ensures that the mattress retains its bounce for a long time, giving you lasting comfort for years.

Pest free
Gilson springs is treated with insect repellent, to keep it free of bugs and insects.

No Sagging
Arranged in a multi - directional configuration, the high carbon steel springs give contoured body support and ensure that the body weight gets evenly distributed, thereby keeping the pressure off your back. Moreover, it keeps the mattress from sagging.

Cool in Summer
Gilson mattress has air vents which provide for easy air circulation, ensuring there is no heat build up. This keeps the mattress cool and comfortable even during the peak of summer months.

Non - allergic
Since the pH value of Gilson mattress is netural, it does not react with body sweat to cause itching, allergy and other skin irritations.

Less wear and tear
The high carbon steel springs are heat tempered which retard the ageing process and keeps the mattress in the pink of health for as long as ten years.

A life where pressures are mounting and complicating every second, its your personal space that you value the most, where you can relax, recline and take repose. A good nightís sleep is a must as it has valuable restorative properties for our physical and mental health. Itís unbelievable but true that you actually spend one-fourth of your life in sleep. Gilson Spring Mattresses cradle you into a luxurious sleeping experience, providing every inch of plush comfort.

Spring mattresses are being increasingly preferred all over the world as spring consistently outperforms rigid foundations used otherwise which have little resilience. Gilson Spring Mattresses are specially designed considering scientific requirements of the body, providing adequate support to the spine and maintaining a favorable posture. Genuine, top quality materials are used to achieve an unmatched level of comfort, support and durability.

With Gilson Spring Mattresses you sleep not to get through the day but to wake up to a refreshed experience of a perfect day.